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Real Brides Reveal

The preparations for the D-day 

Your wedding is the most significant day in your life and you want it to be special. You want to look your best and make the day flawless. You should look for the best wedding planners at Hyderabad. After all, it is the day that you will cherish all your life. You will be the pampered bride and the myriad photographs, videos, and candid shots will bear testimony to the fact. The bride is the cynosure of all eyes. She should look ethereal and mesmerizing.

What can you do three months before your wedding?

It sounds a little farfetched, but yes unless it is a shotgun wedding, you can start working in small things in your daily routine that will help you look achingly beautiful on your wedding day. Exercise is your first weapon. Aerobic exercise not only tones your body to make you lean and slim but also makes your skin glow.

Eat healthily. Backup the exercise with plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy stuff that keeps you in good health and stamina. Your diet can help you detox and look radiant on the marriage day. Drink plenty of water and juices to keep hydrated. Your skin loves water. 

You can start with massages, ubtans, and hair oil deep moisturizing every week. This will make you beautiful from inside out. The natural ubtans and oils will make your skin soft and supple. The face masks can help you lose that unsightly tan too!

Your wedding is a month away

 Just a month left to your D-day and you are exhausted with the preparations and shopping and what not! A lot of energy goes into planning a wedding and as families become nuclear, you end up doing a lot of it yourself. It’s now time to start slowing down and look after yourself a little more.

The simple tasks that you started a couple of months ago are still to continue, but some more things can be added to keep your mind calm too. Do not take stress in any way. Learn to delegate duties. Your clothes trials should be over by now and you can always depute by asking someone to pick it up. You can similarly move your focus to yourself by letting other people take responsibility. Use the wedding day management company to offload stress.

Meditation is a good way to remove unhealthy stress from your mind. It gives you a sense of calm, helps you destress and gives you mental strength too. This is important as stress makes you look tired and jaded.

The day before

 It is a rush with functions, Mehendi and guests who all want to be with you. The real fun at a wedding is the infectious excitement that makes everything so beautiful and happy. 

But, you must stay serene, eat and sleep well. This is important as the days are hectic and the wedding day will be more so. The wedding photography management team will be busy capturing your photos all day. So you need to look fresh!

Take a deep breath and sit alone for a few moments. It is the last few hours before your life is entwined with another. Think happy thoughts and let yourself be pampered. After all, you are the queen that day! Hoping you will bedazzle and mesmerize him with your smile and radiance at the wedding!

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