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Tips for wedding invitation you better not ignore

Are you still to be started on your invitation front? Figure out, what’s imperative for get them accomplished.

Wedding invitation is the first thing your invitees gonna notice , then why not make it appealing?

Below are few significant points you should take into account.

  1. Familiarise with theme

It’s ought to have an idea of your wedding theme up front; be it classic, modern or casual;

 prior to initiating shopping for stationary, so as to align invitation card theme with it..  

It’s beneficial that you browse the stationer’s website and order only after it, so you can persuade about your exact likings.

  1. Which sort of card to opt?

It takes hell of an effort & plan to organise especially the indian wedding, given the large pool of ceremonies down the lane.

One need to be explicit and require dedicated pages for each event.

Best way to go about is to have 3 pages, each one for prewedding, wedding and reception galas.

All in least words and in chronology at the same time.It’s a good way out of those inquiry calls.

3.Words matter

Better you know the conventions, such as the main host’s name written first. Every fine detail should be mentioned including the precise timing of the ceremonies, in a vintage card, there is always a request line succeeding the host’s name.

Which goes something as”  Mr /Mrs x requests the honour of your presence”

Though it can stay at the variance so it’s important that you encompass all who should be there. 

4. Go unique 

Who doesn’t want to do their best, for once in a lifetime event; where the tone is set by the wedding card. 

Once you acknowledge the Sentiments attached with this sheet of paper, along with taking care that it doesn’t get undermined in that bridal lehenga shopping. 

To get the idea of the unique design, get the cues from the personality of yourself and couple as a whole. 

Acknowledging the uniqueness attached to Each couple, you will come across multiple templates relevant to your personality. 

All don’t end here, other accompaniments also can be enhanced. for instance, Those sweet boxes can better be substituted by hampers. 

5.Contribute to ecology By avoiding paper

Since modern age people are more aware and alarmed about the carbon footprint left on natural resources, couples are taking this point into consideration.

More and more people opting For e-invites eliminating the need of the conventional papers.

The ongoing trend is of the fascinating videos shot as the part of the pre-wedding shoot, which conveys their stories and invites guests at the same time.

6. Florals are contemporary

Even though it’s sometimes referred to as an old-fashioned, florals are perceived as a fusion of modernism & romance.

A card such as this looks so elegant with those dazzling flowers on the edges together with golden colour in the background, make it a perfect choice in the first impression only.

7.Have extra in the arsenal

Once done, it is more cumbersome and expensive to get them printed again. there is a likelihood that you might think of inviting some forgotten people later on, so it’s better to keep 20-30 extra.

It could also be possible that you revise your dates for some unpredictable reason, in that case, those will be of the utility.

Sometimes small investment at the outset can prove out to be beneficial in the end.

8. Put personal touch

Keep the style in accordance with the personality of the couple, though designers get a commission for work, the card design should be as per the preference of the couple

A certain way of ensuring this is to give the couple a detailed catalogue up front, a couple who loves vintage and furniture fashioned could also like the fun retro design.

Another crucial aspect is a budget constraint, the golden border at the borders might look appealing but it can empty your pocket faster.

Hope it helped!!

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