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Décor inspiration for weddings in 2020 in India

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in everyone’s life. With the current trends in the wedding diaries, many opt to create mesmerizing decor for their wedding venue. It is no more only about a perfect venue as the decor totally changes the look of your venue.  Considering the wedding of Bollywood couples, there is a demand for look-alike decor.

Here are few of the most popular decor trends and inspirations for weddings in 2020.

Lilac with purple decor inspiration- a break from the usual

Gone are the days where pink would be the ruling colour of the wedding festivities. Red is too loud, and pink is the most used one. To bring life in wedding decorations, wedding planners opt for purple with a blend of lilac. These colours naturally blend in well and give your pictures an amazing look.

Moroccan blues decor inspiration- reinventing the long lost classics

The ancient blue tinges are back in trend. Turkish tiles were also a long-forgotten but classic blue decor idea. They can be used in combination of white for a classic and elegant look. Blue roses in this combination will give it a brilliant transformation.

Into the wild decor inspiration- for the nature lover in you

If an eco-friendly look is what you desire for your wedding backgrounds, then you should opt for floral decor. You can team this with brown or gold for a more effective appearance. This will create a dreamy look for the entire decor.

Multi-coloured decor inspiration- a combination of cultures, colours

If you are confused about picking up a single decor idea, then you can opt for a multi-coloured variation. The flowers, canopies, decors can be coordinated in sync with each other to give a multi vibrant look.

Let your soul shine

Dreamy lights can illuminate a simple wedding setup into your fantasy world. The mere presence of perfect lighting that changes the whole look of a place. Direct lighting is avoided. But a convenient assembly of lights is arranged always from the guests. A shamiana with lightning wires is also in fashion.

Original real floral decors

Use of flowers and canopies to decorate the venue instead of artificial decorations are preferred. A floral decor gives a more realistic and natural look to your wedding decor. It instils positive vibes and is definitely a visual treat to the viewers. 

Go eco-friendly – save mother earth

As the world is moving towards sustainability, it is time we replace wedding decors with sustainable and eco-friendly props. Some of the themes may include the usage of solar lightning, recycled paper and eco-friendly dining plates.

The minimal decor with natural backgrounds

Sober decorations are the king of the season. A beach wedding with only a minimum setup by fun stalls, dining tables or seating arrangements with sober lightning is the most sophisticated look of the wedding season. Or tying the knot near the banks of the river in the presence of already lit diyas can give your wedding the desired effect.

Some decors are inspired by Bollywood. Celebrity weddings have always been a work of inspirational decor ideas and are imitated quite popularly. Here are some of the Bollywood decor inspirations wedding ideas for 2020.

A South culture wedding with a traditional look.

Remember Alia Bhatt’s South Indian wedding look with kanjeevaram saree in 2 States? Or Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express? A rust coloured or white with red-bordered saree, teamed up with Kundan jewellery around waist, neck, arms and head will turn you into a perfect bride. The background is highlighted with the presence of minimal decor and a mandap at the centre. If you are willing to have a bright yet sober wedding look, you should try this.

A Punjabi wedding inspired decor

This decor is the life of all decorations. You don’t need to invest much. Just the right use of colours will transform your venue into a dazzling one. This style of decor gives equal importance to all elements of decoration.

The usual big fat Indian wedding

The illuminated venue, banquets filled with guests, vibrant use of colours, shimmery lights are some of the common highlights of a big fat Indian wedding. A bride and groom at the centre of the venue, posing for wedding photoshoot is always a common sight to watch. If you are looking for something in these lines, you can try it out.

A Royal treat

Bollywood has always shown weddings to be a matter of great glory and expenditures. You can opt for a palace or fort for your wedding venue. You could even choose a destination wedding to any of the culturally rich location in India.

A decked up stage

You can always fuse 2 or more decor ideas to get your perfect one. A brightly lit stage, with no other artificial decorations, can glam up your wedding. Make sure to use the lights efficiently.

With great options come a greater confusion. After making a list of all the decor inspirations for wedding, you might be wondering about which to choose.

You can hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner is a part of an event management company. He is well versed with the current trends in decor ideas. Their creativity can transform dull locations into the next big thing.

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To discuss the decor inspirations for weddings in 2020, you can contact Grand Weddings – The ultimate solution for a fairytale wedding.

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