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A complete guide to plan an eco-friendly wedding

After a successful wedding event, a large amount of waste and garbage is created that harms our environment. With a view to that, some couples look for eco-friendly wedding planners. In India, the idea of an eco-friendly wedding is getting popular gradually. All of us have some responsibilities towards our environment. If we can follow some healthy practices during a wedding event it is not so difficult to take care of the environment. Couples and families have become more environmentally conscious so that they give priority to an environment-friendly wedding event. In this case, you have to take care of every little thing starting from décor to food, sound to trash. Here we have a guide for eco-friendly wedding plan:

1.     Design and Décor

  Keep it simple

Try to go minimal with the wedding décor in Hyderabad and try to keep things as simple as possible. You do not have to compromise with the standard, but do not go OTT with the decoration.

  DIY and make it easy

You do not have to source it if you use easy things for wedding décor. It creates less waste and complements your wedding event. It also gives a homely atmosphere for your guests.

  Use things wisely

Try to use the things that you have. Make proper use of the existing greenery and find out a place that does not need much decoration to look amazing. If you have trees at your venue involve them in your decoration. Do not always go with scratch. Think smart and décor wisely.

  Repurpose things

It is a good idea for an eco-friendly wedding. Use the things you have around your home such as ceramics, pickle jars, wine bottles. You can also make new things from waste and place it properly. It makes your best wedding décor look unique as well as attractive. Go for some antiques for centerpieces. You can also use waste tires and hung them with greens for an environment-friendly look.

  Reusable décors

If you use a mirror or a chalkboard sign, it can be erased and reused for any other wedding. It is far better than the printed one that creates only waste after the wedding is done. Try to include things that are not personalized so that they can be used again somewhere else.

Go flowerless

It may sound weird to think of a wedding event without flowers. But yes, it is an effective way to have an eco-friendly wedding. It still looks beautiful.

  Say ‘No’ to plastics

If you are really conscious of the environment it is very important to avoid any kind of plastic products. Also, Best wedding planners in Hyderabad limit vinyl prints and try to use natural decorations as much as possible. In this case jute, green leaves are a better option than any plastic materials.

  Go local

It is a good idea to make the decoration with things that are easily available in your locality and accessible as well. Making proper use of things like bamboo and banana leaves can do great with your best wedding décor.

2.     Favors and Invites

  Paperless invites

Sent your invitation over mail, WhatsApp or SMS instead of printed cards. It saves time and also keeps things environment-friendly using no papers.

  Plantable invites

It is a good idea to use seed papers and plantable invites. You can also use recycled paper as a card.

  Select eco-friendly favors

There are lots of products available now in the market which can be easily used as favors. Top event management companies suggest things like clay bottles, handmade vegan products, plantable pens or pencils are the best of their kind. These products are not only green-collar but also unique and attractive.

  Locally sourced natural favors

Be aware of the best local products such as coffee, tea, honey, candles, jute bags, etc. and use them as favors. It is also possible to give the potted plants as favors that are used in décors.

3.     Foods

  No plastic glasses

Do not use plastic bottles or glasses at the water counter. Steel glasses and jugs are better instead.

  Reusable cutlery

best event management companies follow the trend and use of edible cutlery. Strictly stop using plastic forks and spoon. Also, limit the usage of tissues.

  Make plates of natural leaves

The best caterers in Hyderabad plan to serve food on banana leaves or any other leaves rather than plastic plates. It adds a warm touch to the food as well as makes things work for you in a greater way.

  Do not waste the leftover foods

Sometimes people do no get what to do with the leftover foods and just waste it. But if you really have a conservationist approach make proper use of it. Contact a local NGO and donate the leftover foods to the people who do not get to ear properly. It will make them happy and on the other hand, save the environment.

4.    Other important things

  Save electricity

Try to arrange the event in the daytime so that you can use outdoor lights as much as possible. Try not to use AC unnecessarily.

  Keep the sounds low

Do not use crackers and hire big DJ  van when the Baraat comes and if possible let them come in the cycle.

  Donate the leftover flowers

If there are any extra flowers donate them that they can be used in Holi colors, potpourri or incense sticks.

  Use rose petals and banana leaves

Instead of paper cons give out rose petals for showering in banana leaves. You can also press fallen leaves or birds seeds without using confetti.

  Tree plantation program

Nothing can be as good as a tree plantation campaign on your wedding day to make it sustainable. Let your guest involve in this program to mark your wedding day.

  Keep dustbins

It is very important to arrange a large number of dustbins and place them in the proper places. Also, make sure that the trash from the wedding venue is composted or recycled properly. There are different composting groups that take away trash like foods and flowers. If there is something that can be recycled after segregation, send them for recycling.

Hire Grand Weddings For A Perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding Experience

Grand Weddings is a great event management company in Hyderabad that pays attention to everything from sustainable catering services to reusable wedding venue décorservices. The company has expert planners who look into every intricate detail of the wedding and make it a success. So, come up and plan your best eco-friendly wedding with the Grand Wedding team!

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