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Breathtaking Wedding Destinations in India

Away from the hustle and bustle of daily city life, most of the Indian couples are preferring a magnificent wedding, which can exemplify their fantasy. So, the wedding destination has become the current fad among the youth of India. The destination wedding is like a fairytale for the bride. But, making this wedding successful is not an easy task at all. Consulting some professionals could be a great idea. You need to filter out the best wedding destination spot that could be worth getting married at. India is a vast country with its diversity in language, ethics, and it offers a unique choice to a destination wedding. You can choose from the Himalayas to the beach wedding.

Why could wedding planners in Hyderabad be your getaway?

The exotic and beautiful locations allure people from different parts of the world. There is an excellent myth among most of the Indians that these places are only for vacations. This breathtaking and exhilarating destination perfectly adorn the special occasion of someone’s life with life and grandeur. It could give the experience by decontextualizing them from their everyday mundane life since people come from different walks of life. Their preference could vary in terms like whether they like beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, snowy mountains, historical and cultural places, or rooted populace. And India could perfectly cater to the inclinations of those people. It has all those things that could make your destination wedding a cherished event of your life.

We have curated the exhaustive and perfect list of all those famous venues in India by wedding planners in Hyderabad, which could cater to your variety of preferences.

Udaipur- “A Symbol of Royal Pre-eminence”

This is a City of lakes and a perfect spot for the wedding day to be very special in terms of a romantic evening. This place is in Udaipur, a most breathtaking and stunning location in Rajasthan is a perfect spot for someone who is looking for a traditional Indian wedding. It stands as one of the most renowned Indian wedding destinations. Designed in the contemporary style, this place has regal palace buildings. The Taj, The Leela, and several others are some of the best options. The destination wedding planners in Hyderabad offer the best recommendation to the couples. These places mostly liked by foreigners and wealthy Indians. These places have unique and exhilarating charisma and aura that can’t be compared with other cities. It offers the perfect backdrop for one’s dream wedding with a perfect amalgamation of innovation and tradition. There are many exotic fort locations to choose like Devi Garh, Manek Chowk and Durbar Hall at the Fateh Prakash Palace, and numerous others.

Jaipur- “The Ultimate Place of Royalty”

This is the pink city of India, and it is world-famous for the destination wedding. Jaipur is known for its great heritage, lavish grandeur, and extravagant wedding that happen in the royal palace and mansions. Places like Raj Palace and Gold Palace showcases the whole gamut of festive and venue choices. It has attracted celebrities from not only Bollywood but also Hollywood. So, this is the perfect place for the royal wedding in the old forts and palace.

Kerala- “Tie the knot Amid the heaven of Serenity.”

This is most popularly known as the God’s Own country and one of the best destinations for weddings in India. It presents the many top spots on the beach where one can have a romantic wedding. The places like Varkala or Kovalam are among the most popular destination that offers a striking and breathtaking view. It will surely leave a footprint in your memory forever.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands- “Breathtaking Lovely”

This offers the gratifying and out of the world experience to your life. This exotic place for the destination wedding could be the best idea for your plan. The serene and pacifying views could be your romantic gateway. The coconut palms along the boundary of the islands could add zing to your romantic wedding endeavor. TThe Ross could be the perfect place for you to tie the knot. So, this could be a holiday destination as well for the guests who are coming to your auspicious wedding.

Shimla- “A Perfect Ambience to take a giant leap of your life.”

Shimla has always been on the list of one of the most popular wedding destinations in India. Being set in the pine-clad hills, it offers a serene environment, soothing climate, breathtaking scenery, and snow hills. This natural beauty will alleviate the sky of your dream wedding destination that will last forever in your memory. Shimla allures those who are very passionate about the idea of enjoying in the mountain and fantasize about the tempting and romantic wedding at the skirt of Himalayas. Many wedding planners offer wedding arrangements in the minimal wedding. They will guide you properly and will help you figure out what could be best for your wedding. Tying a knot in the region of Himalayas could be the gateway for your romantic escapism, holding hands with your beloved one and enchanting the ancient mantra to spellbound your marriage could be out of the world experience for couples. Revitalizing green all around will paint its picture in your memory that will be unforgettable.

Wedding event planners in Hyderabad is among the most popular venues in Shimla for arranging wedding ceremonies. Summer months could be an ideal time for a wedding here.

Jodhpur- “Take a leap in a Regal Manner”


Jodhpur could bring the special day in your life as it has a beautiful place of magnificence, serene ambiance and pleasant weather. This makes the destination wedding the most memorable event of your life. The eye-popping Havelis and cultural and historical places are the perfect places for the wedding destination. It is situated on the ride side of the apparent everlasting Thar Desert. This is the gateway to the beautiful area of the endless sand gains. This has the most breathtaking palaces of Jodhpur and the ultimate wedding destination. Various places are beautiful in the architectural splendor. This place serves both the theme based wedding or the traditional Indian wedding. This will alleviate your dream to reality. The beautiful and magnificent monuments, gardens, and temples will make your dream wedding come true. Mehrangarh Fort is one of the beautiful wedding destinations as it displays a royal environment all around.

Neemrana Fort- “Celebrate the grandeur of Seven Vows.”


The impressive and unbelievable architecture provides an ideal location for the photography and wedding shoot. It is located on the outskirts of Gurugram. The budget wedding planners in Hyderabad offer the guide as no other planners can. It could also be a perfect getaway for the Delhi people as it is near to them. This location will surely leave its memory in your soul. Neemrana is a breathtaking place where history has engraved lots of beautiful memories. Striking the perfect balance of historical and contemporary implication has meta transform this cultural and ancient city into an attractive wedding destination. That is why numerous wedding couples have performed sacred customs and rites at this beautiful land.

Goa- “Marital Bliss on the heavenly spot.”


If marriages are made in heaven, then you can make it happen again on the famous beaches of Goa. It will be the most beautiful and everlasting experience of your life. It will make your dream wedding come true in real life. The fairytale marriages at the backdrop of the sunset and glowing blue water make your wedding experience a memorable one. Tying the knot at such exotic locations of Goa is a breathtaking experience that can’t be compared to any other destinations. Due to many perks and easy to travel and many amenities. This place is considered to be the best place to get married. Shimmering beaches and serene ambiance with gentle waves of Arabian sea together make this place a paradise for the romantic couples Park Hyatt Goa, Taj, Leela, and Radisson Resorts, wedding event planners in Hyderabad are among the most outstanding wedding place where many couples like to get hitched and enjoy the soothing and pacifying ambiance all along.

Agra- “The symbol of eternal Lovers.”


Agra is one of the most popular places in the whole world that needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest historical cities that is the epitome of eternal love and beauty. It is the place of the passionate love between the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. It exemplifies how love could be, there is nothing which could be more exciting and romantic than giving pledges with the epitome of eternal love in its backdrop! For an opulent, wealthy, royal big fat Indian wedding ceremony, this city of love is perfect for couples. With its exotic, calm, serene, and pleasant ambiance, couples will love to tie the knot at this historical place, so that they can remember this lovely moment and cherish it for their longtime. There are numerous wedding event planners in Hyderabad, which can help you with decorating wedding ceremonies royally. This city has countless magnificent hotels and resorts looking across the Taj, where many people arrange their wedding ceremonies.

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