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Ultimate bridal lehenga color combinations for upcoming brides in 2020

Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding day. This 2020 is for those brides who love to experiment with their looks. With the evolving trend, we follow some unique lehenga color combinations this year for the new age brides. Instead of the traditional bridal lehengas, a mix of pastels, jewels- stones and other brand new hues are included in the latest fashion trends. We have a well-researched list of bridal lehengas to follow throughout the year. So if you are a going-to-be bride have a look at them and choose the best bet for you.

1.     Ivory with Aubergine

It has the Ivory base where Aubergine is popping out on the Ivory. It ensures a bold yet subtle look that is very unique and trendy as well. Since you are looking for a gorgeous lehenga for the upcoming wedding event you can easily go for this.

2.     Combination of Olive green, Red and Mint

If you are a winter bride this can be the most perfect choice for you. The color combinations of this lehenga are itself very arresting. The red and mint on the olive green base add charms to the overall look. This is an appropriate outfit for the brides who love multiple hued outfits.

3.     Blood red with Mint green

This lehenga looks flamboyant since both of the colors have their own grace. For the red, it looks like a traditional one. But the touch of mint on red makes it trendy for 2020. If you want to look classy and trendy at the same time, you can try this one undoubtedly.

4.     Moss green and Rani pink

If you are a pink fan and want your wedding outfit to be pink, this color combination is for you. The moss green dupatta with rani pink skirt is a great combination that brings out a royal look and makes you look the prettiest than ever. With this jazzy fusion, the outfit is the center of attraction on your wedding day and the best wedding photographers will surely capture it in their lens.

5.     Tomato red and Orange

Brides who prefer to wear red outfits on their wedding day can definitely try this one. Though red and orange are from the same color group, when combined together it results in beautiful. It is a brand new color combination and going to rule in 2020 widely.

6.     Classic blue with Red

The combination of blue and red is always eye-catching. When it comes to lehenga the brides definitely love this color combination. Classic blue is the color of this year. When it is combined with red, no wonder it will do the magic for the bridal outfit. It looks bold and bright at the same time.

7.     Pitchy pink with Mint green

Both of these colors have a soothing look. It must be a great inspiration for the would-be brides. The mint green dupatta along with the pitchy pink skirt initiates a gentle and smooth look of the bride. If you are fond of light colors this outstanding combination is definitely for you.

8.     Aubergine + Pink + Orange

Pink and orange have a great bond together since ever. Now when it is combined with aubergine it becomes a stunner. These tri colors bring elegance to your look. So if you are fond of multi-colored outfits, rock all of these glam hues in one go. It may seem a little OTT of your choices, but if you love experiments, just go for it.

9.     Ivory with Dusty Pink

This must be a unique lehenga color combination that is going to be in the hit list of the brides in this 2020. All the brides over there prefer to have a soft and gentle look on their wedding day can opt for this dusty pink dupatta with the ivory skirt.

10. Ivory with Yellow and Peachy-pink

If you are ready to experiment with colors this must be a great choice for you. It is an unusual color combination that enhances the bridal look for the bride. Ivory and yellow with the hints of peachy pink can give the dream look you have to want for a long time.

11. Classic red and Blush pink

This color combination is for the pink lovers who also want a traditional look on their wedding day. It offers a subtle look that is unique as well as attractive. The combination of blush pink dupatta along with classic red skirt is an ultimate pick for the brides-to-be.

12. Cherry blossom pink with Ivory

In this 2020 the combination of these two colors—pink and ivory is on high demand. It becomes a style statement for the upcoming brides. The intermix of cherry blossom pink with ivory gives a feel of fairy tales from childhood. So if you want to have a smooth but subtle look you can easily opt for this.

13. Baby pink + Powder blue

Baby pink can also be an option for bridal lehenga when it is perfectly combined with powder people. With the combination of these dreamy pastel hues, you can look stunning and gorgeous on your big day event. So if you are looking for a trendy wedding outfit for your 2020 wedding do not miss this one.

14. Peach and Bronze

Peachy pink combined with bronze is so cute that you never want to miss it. The artistry of bronze on the peachy pink base brings out a stunning look that no one can keep their eyes away from you. With this offbeat combination of colors get the most desirable wedding lehenga of 2020.

15. Moss green with Blush pink

Green and pink always do great together. The moss green dupatta adds an exclusive effect to the blush pink lehenga that looks amazingly beautiful. You can also set a Mehendi green dupatta on your head to complement the overall look. With this winning color combination lehenga stand high as a bride among the people in this 2020.

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