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Catering Preparation 101: 7 Tips For Budget-Friendly Catering Options

Someone has rightly pointed out, the way to anyone’s heart is through food. When you have a birthday party, a small get-together, wedding, corporate event, festival celebrations or any kind of public gathering, the most significant thing is to have a good catering service. While organizing a grand level event, it can create a hole in your pocket. Thus, there are few catering options for budget-friendly catering services in Hyderabad that will make your event stand out.

7 Tips For A Pocket-Friendly Catering Option

You can take into consideration the following tips for an affordable catering option –

1.Select A Decent Format Of The Event – When you have limited financial resources and you also want to save it for other things as well, it is suggested to choose a format of the event which does not require the full three-course meals. However, if the guest list is short, then you can go for the three-course meals as well. You can also opt to have short and sweet drinks and snacks corner, food stations or bowl food in case of a small event. Include a pedestal table so that the guests are able to nibble and move.


2.How About Making It A Self-Serve Service? – This is a nice option to take into account and cut down the expenditure on the number of waiters. By making it a self-serve buffet, you can reduce the cost spend in hiring a big staff. Ask your best caterers in Hyderabad to provide finger food which can be cut into portions for easy self-serving. You can avoid food items that can create a mess in a self serve buffet such as spaghetti which possesses higher chances of getting spilled all over the table. Request the caterer to arrange all the food items in an appealing, fresh and organized manner. Although it may increase the task for the organizer, but can surely reduce the expense on staff to fit in a budget-friendly option.


3 Limit The Items On The Food Menu – Although you may be advised by most of the caterers to include a variety of items in the food menu for multiple options, in the end, you are the one who gets to decide on everything. So you can cut down on the not so preferred food items and include only the ones which are generally preferred by everyone. If you give a lot to the guests before the main course, as starters, there are chances that a lot of food might get wasted and may, of course, an extra added expense, which you certainly do not want to incur. Moreover, you also need to take care of the environmental issues along with being budget-friendly on your catering services.


4.Use Plates Which Are Small In Size – When you keep the size of the plates small, it helps to prevent the guests to take more food, especially in the case when you have a buffet system. You can also opt for the option to serve in small bowls or plates so as to control the portion sizes of food coming right from the kitchen. This can be an effective option when you have dishes of high value in your menu. With the use of small yet attractive plates, you can achieve a beautiful presentation as well as preventing the serving size to look mean. In fact, you can make it a feature that looks exclusive and appetizing even in a smaller size. So you can try this option to serve in smaller portions which will fit in your budget as well as reduce the wastage of food in an event.


5. Minimize Your Expenditure On Tableware – This might be the smallest of the thing but can add to your overall cost. If you are in search of an affordable yet best catering services in Hyderabad, then you may either hire your own or look for ways to have affordable tableware in order to keep things simple. You can combine the glassware items or other similar serving crockeries which are suitable for the all-purpose style of serving methods. You can also try the wooden furniture without putting a cloth on it to give the natural touch. Just put a runner and that will be enough as your decor. Therefore, by minimizing your spending on the tableware you can either utilize that in some other areas or can save it for future use.


6. Set Up A Dessert Station – When you do not want to serve a plated dessert on the table and wish to plan a sit-down meal, you can probably set up a dessert station to which the guests will have to come up. Remember to put those cakes or desserts and pastries in which the guests are able to eat with their fingers, otherwise, it will create a mess and one more task to be taken care of. Moreover, if you plan to set up the dessert station, it also opens a platform to engage with people and make more connections. Thus, it can be a great networking opportunity as well.


7. Utilize Your Past Event Knowledge And Learn From Your Mistakes To Host A Budget-friendly catering option. It is one of the biggest and the most significant tool which you can use to figure out where you can spend less and which area needs more attention. This not only helps you to know the tastes and preferences of your regular guests but also helps to organize an amazing event.


Final Touch For A Unique Twist

When you host a royal wedding, you surely do not want to miss the catering options which suit your budget and pocket. Consider these tips to arrange an apt catering service. Even if there is any other kind of event, you have to have the food menu to serve a good guest experience. Therefore, plan out with your other coordinators and execute the same for an amazing catering service to win the hearts of people. For a king-style wedding at a pocket-sized budget, contact GrandWeddings who are the experts in planning and executing all types of events at a small budget. Not only are they famous for the super affordable catering service in Hyderabad but they also have gained a huge name as one of the best event management companies in Hyderabad.

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