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Top 7 Ways To Add Local Flavour To Your Wedding

Wedding is the fun-filled and emotional part, not only for the couple but also for the entire family. It is an opportunity for everyone to have a gala time apart from witnessing the traditional and cultural value attached to the wedding ceremonies. Some like to build a grand event for the wedding while some also like to keep it simple yet a memorable one. Sometimes, keeping it elegant yet unique also results in the treasure of memories for all the guests as well as family members. However, there are treasures of memory for those who organize a grand wedding as well. In the end, it all depends upon the individual tastes and preferences they wish to have for their D-Day. Therefore, in this wedding planning guide, we state the top ways to add the local touch of flavor to your wedding and enjoy every moment of it to cherish it later.

Top 7 Ways In Which You Can Add Local Flavour To The Wedding

Here is a brief list of ways which can add the local flavor in every aspect to make your wedding stand apart

1. Begin with the drink and bar menu – You can add the couple’s favorite drinks in the bar section along with other cocktails and mocktails which are generally preferred by people. You can also try out some of the local drinks available at the city in which your wedding venue is located. This can certainly be an eye-catcher for everyone. Keep this section suitable for all, and not to forget the kids too. They love trying out new flavors, so you can decide to keep a soft drinks corner especially for kids as well. You can customize according to your choices to add that local flavor.


2. Who does not love desserts? – The next thing on which you can try experimenting with is the dessert section. It is the one thing that is liked by almost every section of society unless he or she is a diabetes patient. And even if she/he is a diabetic patient, you can add separate desserts for them too. This area has lots of space to experiment with starting from the hot sweet dishes, ice creams, pastries and a lot more. Every guest looks out for the dessert section and expects it to be really delicious. Opt for top wedding planners and caterers in Hyderabad to get the best desserts.

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3. How about a truck at the wedding? – The food truck is what is meant about in trying to get a truck at the wedding. You can ask for the local vendors to come up and add the local flavors to your wedding. But remember that you have looked for the rules and regulations for these on the go restaurants as well to avoid any disputes. The food truck option, however, has found many hearts by the couple for several reasons which include the local cuisine along with their own unique specialties. Moreover, these trucks are used to deal with a large number of customers, so they can serve at a wedding without any issues to serve a large number of people. 


4. Opt for small appetizers and plates – In case you are unable to find the local vendors or unable to arrange the food truck option, you can look for a cook you have tried before, who can prepare appetizers instead. Although it might be a heavy task on one cook, you can arrange more than one with different flavors and can ask them to prepare the miniature versions of the dish you like. Ensure that the vendors and cooks you choose are willing to prepare a certain amount for the number as per your orders.


5. Why not cook some yourself or Hire local experts? – What more a local flavor be than to cook some of your favorite dishes yourself? Although it is common sense that you can not prepare for a whole lot of guests, but surely can for a few of the close ones and of course for yourself. In this way, you can ensure that if somehow the catering service is not that good, you can have something prepared on your own to eat at the wedding day. You can hire the best catering service providers in Hyderabad.


6. Venue decor and stationery – If you are an art lover and are into designing and related stuff, then why not design your own wedding venue decoration in Hyderabad such as wedding card, thank you notes, etc. It can certainly be the attraction of the evening and will offer you to add your own personal local touch to the wedding. You may take assistance from others to get all the work done in time and ensure the things personally that they are in their proper place. This is an altogether different experience and a fun engaging way to add the localness to the wedding.


7. Outfits and gifts – You can decide on a particular theme for your wedding and suggest the outfits matching with the theme. This can give you a lot of new and creative ideas to add the local flavor to the wedding which will be full of colors and positivity. You can also decide on the gifts for wedding favors, for bridesmaids and groomsmen too. All this is definitely a way to add the local touch to the wedding to make it memorable. So go ahead and plan out everything. 


Brainstorm Some Ideas For A Unique Touch

Flavors are not only related to serving the different taste buds but also the decor and the complete wedding environment which is experienced by the guests as well. If you are an admirer of local flavors and believe to keep it simple, then you can opt for such local flavors and take reference from the above-mentioned tips.

In order to have a grand wedding celebration within your budget and other resources, you can hire wedding planners in Hyderabad which can take over all the responsibilities off from your shoulder and will give you the best of your memories. To reduce this hassle, you can trust GrandWeddings to handle all your wedding work in a professional manner. You will love their best catering service and explicit design and décor services. From handling candid photography to the best videography in Hyderabad, this event management company will make your day the best day of your life in all ways.

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