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Top 7 Ways To Exquisite Decor To Embellish Your Winter Wedding

Winter is never just a season, it’s a celebration as it brings people together when time stands still. It assures you fun with snow, love with presents, and joy with Christmas. But, a wedding in winter brings you these, little extras.  These winter weddings are highly advantageous, as it is less stressful, offers more venue dates at better and lesser rates, allows cheaper travel and gives stunning photography with scenic background beauty.

Thus, winter continues to be a lucky charm for weddings. It draws people into it as they have a lot going for them. To embellish such a lovely winter wedding, the exquisite decor is a must.

7 best ways to Have The Best winter wedding of All Times

Weddings are the most important events in any tradition. It is like a visual delight with joy and charm of children, vibrant outfits and delicious food as its decor. But, one of the most basic components, decor must be exquisite and so grand to give that final touch to the winter wedding. The lavish touch to the traditional ceremony must also take the budget into its account. The below mentioned are a few of the best ways to have an exquisite decor that embellished your winter wedding! These ideas make the wedding stand out, as one of a kind. Winter wedding planners too suggest and execute these and offer stunning weddings.

Snow Sculptures


The holiday spirit is generally high in winter. The additional flavor of the wedding spirit brings great enthusiasm. But there are difficulties with handling chillness and snow. But, a plan of using the snow and cold weather to your advantage can rescue you from your difficulties. The winter wedding can be more unique, memorable and magical when snow can be the decor for your day! Snow sculptures would be the best option for your exquisite decor. Not many would have seen it at weddings. Only winter weddings can assure you, this charm, fun, and happiness as summer melts and spoils the look and fun.  Winter wedding gives you the opportunity to play with the snow. And what is more magical than having a snow sculpture? We are sure you haven’t seen many people with snow sculptures at their wedding. A unique idea that would leave your guests flabbergasted!

Mistletoe and Holly


Be it any theme or color scheme for the wedding, the big day looks splendid only with the final touch of decoratives like buntings. Yet, instead of always going with the standard and conventional buntings, one can opt for Mistletoe and Holly as best decoratives for the last lavish touch. These evergreen shrubs with spiny leaves and red berries make winter weddings so unique and combine elegance, and magical touch with affordability and comfort. They give a rustic yet royal touch by adorning the winter wedding with their rich shades of green and red!  The entire decoration is embellished and heightened by the interwoven Holly and Mistletoe, combined with some tiny twinkling lights when laid over the entire venue. It makes the winter wedding so dreamy like a fairytale and the wedding photographers can capture enchanting photos with such a great backdrop!



Pinecones – are just so adorable and enchanting for their fall as well for winter decor. Nothing can announce winter better than like pinecones! The very idea of combining pinecones to the winter weddings is an out of the box idea. The possibilities of using them are endless. The usage can range from aisle decorations, guest favors, wreaths, centerpieces, to escort cards. Thus, the wedding setting gets a much more charming look with pinecones! Don’t miss out, these lovely little cones as a part of the wedding winter decor services



Color always has a great role in adding to the outlook of the wedding. The colors must be just perfect to match with the holiday and wedding spirit. To decide upon the color of decor, one must understand the season’s signature and trendsetting hues and avoid resorting to traditional ones. A winter wedding is just wonderful with cool colors and combinations like white and silver. Magenta and yellow is also a great combo. They are not just about the appearance or outlook or projection but about the uniqueness and mystic touch! 

Wreaths and Ribbons


Wreaths and Ribbons are always great decoratives that make any event lovelier and awesome. A winter wedding is more special with these pretty wreaths and ribbons. Even, normal simple chairs can be dressed up so great with these wreaths and ribbons. A tone of luxurious and lavish touch dawns on and the essence of the wedding spirit is carried on in all aspects like chairs, furniture and other portions of the venue.  The feel of royalty and lustrous look is innovatively given through these decoratives. Exquisite Decor is all yours that makes your wedding memorable!

Table Décor


Each and every element of the wedding must go hand in hand and suit the overall theme and color scheme planned. The centerpieces on the table are the center of attraction and thus must be given due care and concern. They must match and greatly support the winter wedding theme. When soft colors are for the theme, white and elegant vases having seeded eucalyptus is a great choice for the centerpiece. Blue branches of Atlas cedar with the final touch of silver spray is a choice that adds Christmas touch too for the wedding. It’s an amazingly adorable centerpiece.



Anything that begins well is work half done. The entrance can have a great impact is that it is unique and innovatively planned. Any aforementioned or combination of the aforementioned decor ideas can be used to decorate the entrance. A vibrant and enthusiastic crowd would be bewildered by such a decor idea.

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Final words:

Thinking of a winter wedding can make us worried as it would be difficult and not so easy. But using cold weather and snow to our advantage can make the big day even more special. Thus, if rightly planned, winter weddings can allow all unique and beautiful decor that even summer cant assure.

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