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Emerging Makeup Trends For Brides In 2020

The wedding season has just commenced and there is excitement among the brides and their friends about showcasing their bridal looks at a plethora of functions that big fat Indian weddings are famous for. No women will be ready to settle for any orthodox bridal look, whether it is going to be a normal reception or big fat Indian wedding. As in recent years, celebrity brides are showcasing their captivating bridal looks so it’s time to get some ideas into your own wedding. Being aware of the recent trending looks wedding planner consultancy in Hyderabad is ready to keep you abreast of all trends so that you may not lag behind the others. 

If you are planning to wear a traditional sari or Lehenga in red, gold colors or any other colors then you should also look up wearing bridal makeup. It will complete your whole bridal look and distinguish you from the rest.

Why choosing a wedding planner consultancy in Hyderabad could be a good option?

Generally traditional Indian Bridal Makeup includes solah shringar which holds several symbolic values for the Indian bride. There is a traditional bindi which is being worn at the top center of the forehead just above the center of the eyebrow. This is not merely just a symbol of femininity or marriage, it values good purity. There are a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for the bridal bindi. While contemporary bridal makeup is trending nowadays hence their demand is soaring high. It touches the various sentiments and adds beauty to the Indian bride’s look. There are various elements such as cosmetic and natural herbs that add elements of a fresh and natural look.

To achieve the desired look at your wedding day is not an easy task, so it is recommended that you should start practicing a few weeks before to know how your skin reacts to the particular cosmetic as different people have different skin tonality.

 It’s very important that they should complement your gown and accessories as well. This is the time to try with every cosmetic from foundation to eyeshadow and choosing a wedding planner consultancy in Hyderabad could be the best option to get your work really quick.


How wedding planners and organizers in Hyderabad could solve the mess.

Being with too many options could be a mess. It could be very confusing to filter out what is best for you at present. As we are living in a time in which the trends shift swiftly. Although it seems very surprising that the Indian bridal trends are too resistant to change. So keeping this in perspective about the requirement of the brides a wedding planner and organizers in Hyderabad have come up with a solution. As there are endless choices and opportunities so thus there are endless trends to follow. Even you can come up with totally new and different bridal makeup.

But specifically, those who are very keen on the latest trend on the Indian bridal makeup look, here are few trending makeups look for 2020.

Dewy Skin

From the ultra-matte bases to the dewy juicy glowing refreshing skin, the Indian bridal makeup is perhaps the astounding transformation. The transformation shift is very seismic. Now, the Indian brides have known that 3-inch thick makeup gunk on the face that starts to break down within a few hours is not quite a good idea. It may be good for the mural but not for the naturally beautiful women. Glowing refreshed and hydrated skin is the new definition of the latest trend in India. And it is very important to note that this natural look is not easy to achieve as it requires a few days of care. You will have to start maintaining this look a few days back. This is because you may achieve faux glow with primers and some highlighters but it is a bit difficult to achieve healthy skin. Deeper skinned beauties could totally outshine dewy skin very much l credit goes to an outstanding array of latest cosmetics very much geared towards their particular needs.


Strong Brows & Bold Eyes

As Insta-brows are finally degrading a much-awaited end, there could be no defying that immaculately sharp shaped brows could do magic for your make up look. An Indian bridal look capitulates sharp brows and bold outlined eyes are definitely becoming a most wanted look amongst Indian brides who like trying with make-up. If we aren’t thinking about drawing on bold brows that look very fake. Nevertheless, it’s good to continue with your refreshing natural outlined brow shape but changing it slightly for a face-framing outlook. Beautiful smokey eyes used to be good at reception or sangeet but have started coming up with a look at wedding ceremonies. Slightly brown smokey eyes are the most popular choice these days as they’re slightly intense than any black and more suitable for the day time function.


Metallic Eye Shadows


The only thing that will pop out in 2020 is metal dripping shadows. Gone are the days when glittery eyeshadow have used to the part of the Indian bridal look. But the trend has changed as time swiftly. This new trend will be the new makeup repertoire in 2020. Most companies are rolling out better eyeshadow formulas mostly in cream, liquid, and ever-popular powder forms. Now, the make-up artists could get creative with the new look that they create. New high tech metallic eyeshadow formulas could not smudge and will not vapor out in an hour or so like its predecessors. Giving new trends into the Indian bridal make-up arena that has even has been partial to very shimmer and glowing especially on your eyes.

Romantic Pastels


If you want to try something subdued and yet contemporary then I think romantic pastels will make you totally side to any shiny new shadows. There is the whole gamut of matte soothing shades for your makeup artist to choose from like pink, peach and blue.  With the slight undertones in Indian skin, slightly warmer hues are trending choices as they could really make you totally out of the league while also outshine with the overall complexion. Romantic pastels are working well for even smaller ceremonies like the Mehendi, which are during the daylight and have a few less formal vibe.

Unconventional Statement Lips

It will be a low down for trending Indian bridal make-up if there are no comments on of lips. As the classic bridal red lip sees one through any special occasion there is a probability to be made for bold lips. Shades could be berry, fuchsia and orange can really outshine the eternal look by giving it a most stylish update. This trending makeup will appeal to brides who are keen to wear very chunky traditional accessories as it will keep the rest of your look very neutral and aesthetic with just a pop of color on your lips. You should give importance to your makeup look you feel most comfortable in but be acceptable to the trends. Just go ahead and give it a try because you are not going to live this day again!

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