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Getting married in India: A complete guide

Weddings in India are a matter of a grand celebration. The decor, catering, costumes, venues, rituals all are pre-planned with a lot of effort and vigorous energy.

Weddings in India, are all about vibrant colors, illuminated venues and an unlimited presence of guests. Not all Indians get married in a grand manner, there are some who prefer civil marriages that are done in court with legal formalities. Civil or religious, you have the freedom to get married as per your preference in India.

If you are settling for a civil wedding, there are certain required documents. The girl should be 18 years of age and the boy should not be younger than 21 years. If you are not an Indian, your passport will be required to permit you in getting married in India.

Getting started

Before actually beginning with the preparations of a full-fledged wedding, a date should be finalized. Care should be taken before fixing a date as the are certain things to keep in mind. Religious significance matters in selecting a date if you believe in them. For some, astronomical positions are considered before finalizing a date. Some couples who don’t believe in these ideologies, choose an off-season date. For more details on how to choose the perfect date, you can refer to our detailed piece of work about the best period to get married in India. It has a complete discussion about choosing a date considering factors like discounts, trends, probability of guests attending etc.

Next step After finalizing the date of your choice, the next important step is deciding a venue. You can select a venue as per your budget. A community hall, a banquet or a 5-star hotel can be reserved for your ceremony. An outdoor wedding, beach wedding, near the banks of the river are also some of the popular wedding venues. You can choose a destination wedding as well. There are a few places that are low in budget and offer a complete package of services with their venue at an affordable price. You can also opt for a wedding abroad.


Hiring a wedding planner

Although you can carry out all the arrangements on your own, it is always great to have some help from the experienced people in this industry. Also, the pressure of getting everything perfect is reduced from your shoulders. Right from the selection of venue to the wedding day these planners work efficiently and creatively to convert your dreams into reality. All the arrangements are planned well in advance and shown to the prospective client. The decorations, catering, photography all is taken care of. The wedding day checklist is planned well in advance. The arrangements of the guests, their accommodation is also arranged at suitable lodging options. Special arrangements for the entry of the bride and groom are also designed by them. A wedding planner works in coordination with your choices and makes revisions accordingly. It is always a better choice to hire an expert professional. Contrary to the common myth, that the wedding planner charges a hefty amount, Grand weddings – the best wedding planners in Hyderabad have packages starting from 1 lac Rupees.


They are also an important part of a wedding celebration. The guest list has to be prepared to get an idea about further arrangements. If you are planning for a destination wedding, the accommodation of the guests should also be done close to the venue. Transport also has to be arranged.


It is a necessary custom in Indian weddings to provide a dining arrangement to the guests who attend the wedding. The food can be Indian, Continental, Chinese or traditional. Catering services provide a complete solution for food, drinks and serving them. You can either opt for your own caterer or you can reserve one from the venue itself. Many weddings have a lavish and luxurious dinner served in a buffet with a variety of dishes.


All your efforts will go overlooked if you don’t hire a professional photographer. These days, the trend of candid wedding photography is going well. You can hire one of the best candid photographers in Hyderabad. A pre-wedding photoshoot is also in fashion. A special bridal photoshoot is also a part of the Indian wedding culture.


For a total bridal feel, the jewelry holds a significant value. You can choose for minimal jewelry that goes with your bridal dress or opt for a heavy jewelry look. Most brides also prefer a maang tika.


Wedding dress

A bridal dress can be a lehenga, suit, gown or anything which is in fashion. For grooms, the choices are limited to suit or sherwani. The bridesmaid is also dressed in sync with the bride.

Getting ready for the day

The bride is decorated and made up of bridal makeup artists. All this has to be planned from the start.

As you might have learned now, weddings in India are not less than any festival. It is celebrated with love. Every element is considered important. Any last-minute changes may ruin your efforts which were done from months.  To avoid this you can hire a wedding planner.

Grand weddings provide a total set of services related to weddings including catering, decor, venue, photography. They are the top wedding planners in Hyderabad. All the images described here are taken from actual origins. No copyright infringement is intended.

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