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Indian wedding dresses for bride in 2020

For larger than life appeal the Indian weddings are worldwide famous. Indian weddings used to have extravagant and lavish decor and lavish clothes. This big fat Indian wedding comes with months and even a year of planning executed to culminate a successful marriage. One can visit the different parts of the country to witness the plethora of wedding styles. From Punjab to Kerala, the Indian wedding is famous for its lavish in style. The wedding arrangement may be very subtle or extra depending upon the wish of the couple or their family, but we have to agree that selecting a suitable costume for the bride and grooms is not an easy task at all. Most of the Indian girls used to fantasize about the wedding right from their adulthood and thus have a distinct idea about their dream look. And it is not just for one particular person; instead, the same applies to the most personal.


How could top wedding planners in Hyderabad help you?

Sometimes it may require you months of preparation with lots of research. Filtering out the best dresses for the wedding day is not an easy task. It needs to go through the price range, styles of the designer. Here is the exhaustive detailing curated by top wedding planners in Hyderabad of the Indian wedding to refer to, and you won’t anything beyond this to apply.

Indian Wedding Dress Styles for 2020

For different occasions and functions at a wedding, there are different dress styles to choose from. For the amateur, here are the complete, exhaustive guidelines on what to wear and what to avoid during the various functions.



Gowns and plain lehengas are the most common popular choice. The whole group of the whole prefers these from millennials to the old ones. Although engagement is a low-key function and doesn’t involve lots of dancing as other ceremonies do at a wedding.


It is the first and final day for everyone, on this day you should outshine everyone at the wedding. You need to wear something that could justify the importance of the big day. One can choose from embroidered sarees, floor-length anarkalis, or lehengas.

Body Shape And Lehenga Types

For their beautiful body, lots of women are in search of an Indian wedding dress, but only if you wear it in style, then everything will look graceful to flaunt the natural curves of your body. Some helpful guidelines can sail you through to show your different body types. Here is the comprehensive list of styles that will suit you.

Triangular (When one’s upper body is slimmer than one’s lower body) – Sarees will look graceful on you. Sarees could flatter your curves as no other different outfit can. 

Hourglass (When one has a balanced upper body and lower body ratio with a slimmer waist) – Well, if one has an hourglass figure and one can make still worried about what will suit one’s body shape, one can don’t know the value of the beautiful body. Experiment with everything but show the sexy curve of your waist in whatever way you choose.

The Colours and style To Choose As Per Your Complexion


One of the most cumbersome tasks is to find the right apparel for oneself. It includes choosing the right color for your wedding  Brides are trying with every option that they have to broaden the area of experiment with what they are trying to achieve. To move ahead with your complex and conscious choice, one has to know what particular color will complement and syn with their complexion best. Here is a comprehensive list of what can be advised:

Fair -Sometimes, wearing any dark color apparel could take away the charm of your appearance, so it’s better to avoid this for the day. Instead, you can go for something lighter and brighter that can add some value to your charm. There are various colors like orange, yellow, peaches, and many others to choose from. 

Olive – Olive skin color people are blessed with to choose anything that they want to. They can go with what they feel most comfortable with. You can choose red, blue or orange or anything else under the sun. Still, some important things are there to avoid. It would help if you opted to prevent neon color as they are a little dull. They will damage your profile in the group photo.

Wedding Dress Tips and tricks for low budget wedding planners in Hyderabad

Fabrics and embellishments

For brides: The season of the wedding is an important thing to keep in consideration to choose the dress for your wedding. It would help if you opted for anything that is in coordination with the wedding season. If it is the bride, you should avoid velvets and silks, which could be heavily embellished. Doing so won’t only leave you very uncomfortable but will also not go with the momentum of the wedding. Instead, the very same fabric could look stunning and royal on a winter bride.

Also, at the same moment, please make sure that whatever you opt has a unique sense to it. Whether you are a bride of the season from the impoverished town or one who dreams of a Bollywood extravaganza affair, wear something particular that is only your style. You’ll surely be able to make it better!

For relatives:

If you are choosing on your dress for a brother’s, friend’s, or anyone’s wedding to whom you are close to, make sure that you could never outlook their ensemble. It’s is the courtesy to dress modestly to make sure that the protagonist is outshining everyone there, including you. Keep in mind not to wear to overpower him/her or not to degrade them. Your attire should not be too casual for the season.

The trend to avoid by royal wedding planners in Hyderabad

It is always advised to follow the trend, but the pattern should add some value to your decision. It should not be very random or arbitrary. Also, keep in mind that you can never imitate your favorite celebrity, and it may not look the same upon you. There is a vast ocean between real life and views on the ramp show. Don’t overstress yourself with the burden of being a fashionista or anything similar.

A wedding is something that you are going to cherish your whole life, and it is not something temperamental affair. So, don’t be a poor trendy, somewhat classy because class could never be too old for the trend.

Don’t go gaga over an all-matching affair.

If you contemplate that from your footwear to your hair equipment, from your very tassels to the beautiful border of your dupatta, everything is supposed to be in particular rhythm, you are in for a massive blunder. A specific color could look impressive, but don’t repeat them in everything you wear. It could be monotone. And especially for the millennial bride, contrasts are something to bid for. You can even mix and match different colors and styles because, why not so!

The liberty to mix and match is much more with the relatives as they could let you try more than the brides can. One should never contain one’s imagination and try out every possible thing. You could never know what you may come up with the perfect combination that you would like for your wedding too!

Don’t go over the top for wedding management services.

Brides who get too excited frequently with amalgamating each and everyone looks in their attire, here are some tips of worth consideration. It may be possible that you may have been waiting for this day from adulthood or when you were teen, but it doesn’t imply that you were going to wear everything that you have thought of. For example, you can’t be bold with your attire, footwear as well as your makeup at the very same time. Learn to try to distinguish between what is ethereal and what is gaudy.

Never go wrong with fitting

The lehengas these days are being packed with the voluminous and heavy look. So, you need to be aware of whatever decision you are making. An overdone or repetitive look can be unappealing, just as bad as any poorly fitted blouse. Give yourself some time to set all the minute details before your big day.

Discover your body type and texture

Before you fix your mind to a particular style or pattern, it is essential to unfathomed what suits your body type and what could not. Let’s say you have this weighty bottom and a sleek upper body. In that condition, you should be aware that you are wearing a design that is flaunting your collarbone beautifully while you can go for a flowy lehenga. If you are a little short, you should avoid going for high necks as they could make you appear to look shorter.

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