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Stage decoration ideas for Indian wedding in 2020

A wedding is about celebration, commitment, and tradition, but the intensity of the wedding experience entirely depends on where you are as a bride or guest. If you want to be a part of an Indian wedding had so many rituals, then begin applying turmeric on the faces of the couple, followed by the hiding of shoes by the bride’s sister, you should be at an Indian wedding. Yes! You heard it right. Right from the ring ceremony on the beautifully decorated Stage to the farewell ceremony, an Indian wedding is something. You can’t afford to miss it.

Why the wedding venue management service?

All that begins with the decoration of houses and, ultimately, the spot of the wedding – The Stage. The time has gone when scrunched up drapes and clinched floral arrangements, or simply hangings were used. Decorator of wedding venue management help in bringing a unique and fresh idea, Indian wedding decorations have evolved multi folds over the years. From decorating the Stage to the full venue, Indian wedding decoration ideas have no doubt been taken a level higher!

Wedding stage one of the most attention-seeking a spot in a wedding and undoubtedly its decoration has been fashioned over the years to stand out amongst the rest. Starting from setting a Royal king size sofa against an aesthetically amazing looking backdrop on a small decorated stage followed by setting up Flowers on the background of the couch, Decorators give their best to amaze everyone with their ideas.

Best Stage Decoration Ideas for Indian Wedding by wedding management services

1. Colorful flowers arrangement by wedding event management


The drapes decorated with shiny lights, floral blooms, and foliage accents. It is adding the adorable royal touch the stage appearance with a vintage white sofa and beautifully arranged bright stars on the backdrop. Bohemian-style Stage with Fur & flowers white fur and red flowers and a dim pink light gives the Stage, an absolute beautiful appearance. Hair and flowers is a complete perfect combination to be used on a stage drapes. All-white shiny Stage that looks as stylish as it can having a classy decor with the all-white theme is a great option. White backdrop and floor of the Stage make the spot look beautiful — decor inspired by the dazzling night sky. Night sky theme makes the Stage look like Starry Night. This is a must-try wedding idea with few complexities. The temple theme stage decor full of green plants, florals, and an idol, this wedding decor is an utterly spectacular idea for a wedding that goes with the rituals.

2. A classic purple and pink theme decor.


White backdrop decorated with a variety of white, pink, and purple flowers, making the Stage looks beautiful — gold theme with a floral touch. The gold drapes, sofa, and backdrop with white decorative attachments make the stage appearance absolute for an evening reception!

3. The stage having flowers decors


It is excellent for indoor and outdoor wedding venue suitable for lesser space at indoor Stage, Stage full of flowers is a perfect idea. It has a beautiful collection of multi-colored flowers with bouquets at the corners of the Stage. Simple and admiring. A shimmer based theme. A unique decor idea, with attached glitter shiny strings, a chain of purple flowers, corner placed dim lights, and a royal sofa. A yellow stage that appears as a mandap giving an Indian vibe, this yellow wedding decoration idea, full of floras and drapes, is unique. What makes it more surprising is that you can double it up as a mandap spot if you replace the royal sofa with mandap essentials.

4. Floral aura


It appears aesthetic to the eye Perfectly ebullient and exiting, this flower decorated Stage with hanging floras in the canopy and the backdrop. Glass panels and large flower vessel gives the Stage a romantic appearance. Pink theme stage decor that doesn’t seem to go out of style Pink is a beautiful and pleasing-to-eye color that can be seen widely in an Indian wedding, for undoubtedly the right reasons. The pink carpet, along with white and pink flowers in the backdrop, gives the Stage decoration an adorably odd appearance.

5. Stage decoration in traditional South Indian style.

If you want to follow a traditional approach to the wedding, then a magnificent looking decoration idea is right here. Gold colored pillars, godly motifs, and beautiful floras give the wedding stage, a pleasing and soothing appearance. A luxuriously designed step, full of grand flowers

best suited for an outdoor wedding because of its sheer size, this decor idea is best to show your love for luxurious decoration. The beautiful white pillars with multi-hued flowers and spotlights along with the White Royal is indeed a view noteworthy. A colorful stage in Wedding Blue and the red color combination is best for giving the Stage, an eye-catching appearance. Adding a royal vibe to a wedding with a white Sofa and blue drapes, this one is an excellent idea. Classic and straightforward wedding stage decoration A simple and minimum wedding stage decoration, best suited for a unique taste. Without occupying much space, this idea is best for a simple wedding

Stage decor idea inspired by the greenery and garden one of the quirkiest designs; this theme setup reflects greenery, freshness, and simplicity. Floral and green but not too flowery, this idea is best suited for greenery and garden lovers.

6. Royal palace theme stage


It is a decoration to give a great feel to the Stage by choosing a theme decor idea that looks like a royal palace. Whites, gold, and purple

the color combination can make anybody go crazy by its appearance. White and gold color combination based theme best suited for royal appearance lover, This decoration idea is simple yet beautiful. Full of white flowers, shiny chandeliers, and golden sofas give the wedding a majestic aura. Floral dream with dim and crystal LED lighting, If your requirements are only flowers placed beautifully with corner spot LED lights, then this décor idea is best suited for you. Simple and Stunning.A classic and rural view theme-based Stage decor paisley with Pink drapes backdrop and the Royal regal sofa along with lanterns on the corners of the Stage to give a charming appearance to the Stage. Beautiful candles placed on a white themed stage deal for candle lovers, this stage décor idea will let you fall in love with the appearance as soon as you see it. The placement of white flowers with sparkles on them, white drapes candles on the shelves all over is a unique idea for Indian wedding stage decoration.

7. The Classic and traditional wedding-themed stage decoration


It is ideally suited for old school yet classy decoration lovers, having filled with golden arches, multi-hued long curtains, bright flowers, and Royal sofas, this idea is straightforward yet appealing.

Geometric pattern themed stage decoration LED triangles at the backdrop, and Black and white stripes make this idea unique. A huge dome-shaped stage that can act as a mandap to filled with white and pink roses, shiny white flower vessels, and royal cushions on the White sofa, this massive antique-styled dome stage is unique to give a regal vibe. Floral stage decoration with corals look with extensive collections of flowers and a beautiful sofa; This idea is entirely breathtaking. The royalty of heavily flowering Stage in pink color and elegant drapes, chandelier, and scalloped highlights are unforgettable. Lavish drape setting with beautiful and antique vase having Dark maroon and printed curtains along with white and golden sofas, this setup was created for the wedding of a billionaire in Turkey. Unforgettably antique and classic wine pewters and vast adorning, the Stage lends more classic royal vibes to this Turkish pre-wedding night.

8. A dramatic Sangeet stage steel-structured stage


It is full of colorful spotlights, and a Bollywood themed stage can make anybody go crazy to dance on Stage, not less than a dreamland. Can you imagine walking down to a lotus-shaped stage adorably decorated with Shiny floras and exchanging varmala with your other half? A complete mesmerizing idea exclusively for a romantic couple. Excite the aura of white stage decor with multi-colored lighting — a romantic wedding theme with hanging garlands, terrariums, and beautiful white baubles along with surreal flames. And a lot more ideas are there to work with, starting from simple decoration to the royal one, that entirely depends on your selection, budget and undoubtedly, your suitability. But must cultivate the habit of getting a full idea of different kinds of availability and trends people are following. And to know more about trends, kindly follow our website regularly.

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