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Tips to choose the best wedding planner

There are a few misconceptions about wedding planners in our society. When we hear the word wedding planner the first thing that comes to our mind is, a decorated 5-star hotel and a person is giving instructions about the schedule of events. This directly translates to a wedding planner being expensive and unaffordable. Which is not true. Read on to know more about the wedding planners, how they work, as well as how to choose the best wedding planner for you.

Who is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is someone who perfectly arranges and organizes all the requirements of your wedding efficiently. It is his job to fit all the necessities in your budget. He is someone who has great managing skills and can handle alterations in plans, opinions. He also has a team of creative people that help him in organizing your wedding. He should have great negotiation skills so he would provide you with the best price for everything. He is a visionary, who can visualize the look of the venue and the arrangements needed at the first look.

What does a wedding planner do?

A creative wedding planner will transform the entire look of your wedding into a plethora of amazing work. A wedding planner syncs all elements together. You don’t have to arrange a caterer, photographer anything. They work perfectly in providing total wedding related services.

How does a wedding planner work?

A wedding planner firsts discuss your views about the expected venue. He then devises a budget for your wedding accordingly. After confirmation from your side, he proceeds to search a venue as per your requirements. After you agree, the venue is finalized. As per the venue, the decor and other arrangements will be made. He will have to book a catering service. Within a few days, a schedule of all your pre-wedding events will be shown to you. Arrangements for guests, dining, and music will be done for each event. A makeup artist will be managed for you. If it is a destination wedding, he will be arranging the tickets or transportation to the venue.

Why you should hire a wedding planner?

We all think our aunts and uncles or our family are capable of arranging a great wedding as they had done for others. But, arranging things, finalizing stuff, looking for every minute details is actually easier said than done. A lot of effort goes into organizing a wedding. Any minor changes can give drastically different outputs. Why stress our family so much? When you can get your wedding planned and organized efficiently. Your wedding should not cause anxiety and stress issues to your loved ones. Let them enjoy this too. Hire a wedding planner and relieve them of all the work. You should spend quality time with them and just enjoy the period with a smile of satisfaction for taking the right decision.


Tips to choose the best wedding planner:

The best wedding planner should have a well-built portfolio of his previous works. He should have considerable experience in this field. He should be trustworthy in delivering the work with perfection. The best wedding planner should be well versed with the trends of the wedding seasons.

Budget regulator

A wedding planner should know how to arrange everything in your budget. He should know how to avail offers and discounts and crack the best deal.

He should take care of your opinions and revise his arrangements efficiently.

Knowledge of decor He should have current knowledge of decor inspirations which are preferred in the season. He should know the use of minimal decorations. He should have the experience to create a tropical decor.


Different wedding themes

He should know to organize a beach wedding, Island wedding, aesthetic scenic wedding. He should know the eco-friendly options for sustainable energy.

Avoid wastage

A wedding planner should know how to recycle things and avoid wastage. He should be able to re-use decorations effectively. He should know the uses of different types of artificial decors made from easily available material.

Respect for time

He should know the value of time. He should stay true to his commitment. He should respect deadlines. He should provide the expected quality at the stated time.

Looking for a perfect wedding planner isn’t an easy job. If you look at the celebrity wedding you will realize it was a piece of pure art. All the efforts were of the wedding planner. Their endurance and hard work can change the customary look of weddings into inspirational arts. In this era of exposure by social media, it is easy to find a wedding planner that has the best reviews for wedding planning. You can get an idea about their services through their Instagram pictures. You can also use the internet to search for the best wedding event services.

Grand Weddings is one such wedding event planners in Hyderabad.  They are a team of capable planners, organizers and art visioned people. They not only excel in wedding planning but have achieved a milestone in corporate events, birthday celebrations.

They believe in the financial strain on people during the wedding season hence they have packages starting from a minimum of 1 lac rupees.

So this wedding season, stop worrying about arranging photography services, booking a venue, organizing dining arrangements. It’s time to enjoy royal treatment, with a complete range of services done with perfection at just one call.

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