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Steps to keep in mind before planning your wedding

Taken the big decision of getting married? All that stress and pre-marriage anxiety are about to knock you. Getting married in a country like India is a continuous ceremony of affairs. A never-ending feast is what it looks like. It is nothing less than a fashion week for the bride. Numerous trials and selection of clothes appropriately is a tiresome affair.  The endless trips to boutiques, jewellery shops just add to our lists. The organizing and preparing for each wedding will drain you out. All the arrangements and planning are tedious to deal with. In addition to this, you also have to deal with a lot of pressure from your family members, relatives, friends in deciding on an ideal wedding. You cannot afford to miss any event or arrangements. Every minute details are dealt with perfection.

 First things first

Coordination is important. Your choices should go well with your partner as well as your kin. If you want a civil and sober wedding but your kin has been planning for a full-fledged one, clashes are sure to erupt.


Setting up a date

All things revolve around this particular setting. If you take up a conventional date, you will face tough competition. As many couples wish to get married on popular dates, the availability of other things gets hard to find. Also if it is a peak season of weddings, prices soar up to the sky because of the high demand

Not only the wedding day If you are thinking all the preparations at done only for a single day, then you are highly mistaken. A series of pre and post-wedding ceremonies occur based on your religion.



A Muslim wedding includes engagement, followed by a Haldi ceremony, Nikah, reception and the next day Waleema.


A Hindu wedding involves mahurat, engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet, pooja and wedding.


They only have a white wedding that takes place at the church.

Changes in customs also occur as per the difference in cultures of states.


The wedding in Punjab has a Roka ceremony, Mehendi, sangeet and the pheras.


They have a Maharashtrian style of wedding. The costume, the arrangements, the food everything reflects their culture.


The Garba, vibrant costumes, Gujarati cuisine can be easily recognized in a Gujarati wedding.

Some wedding ceremonies include doing puja asking for blessings from God. A mahurat is also considered important in some cultures.


You will need to carefully consider every aspect of your wedding and devise a budget effectively. You should not carelessly just put up numbers. This budget will act as a filter for all your expenses. You should contact wedding planners and research on your own for getting an idea about expenditures.


An important part of your wedding depends on how many guests could attend your wedding. This goes unsaid, if the expected number of guests don’t turn up, your wedding will be a disaster. Food may get wasted, arrangements will go waste if you don’t have guests to use them. The attendance of the guests will depend on the dates you select.  If it’s exam season then surely the number of expected guests will be less.


 Schedule of events

If you are looking for a great wedding, then a series of pre-wedding events should be counted in. An engagement function is the earliest one. A Haldi ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, and pre-bridal shower will also have to be arranged. All these events will require catering services. In addition to these, each occasion demands a different dress code.



 You are getting hitched! Announcing this on social media only won’t help. You will be expected to formally invite your friends and relatives to be a part of your important day. Though you can prefer calling and inviting them but is easier said than done. A formal invitation card is best with an itinerary of events and the schedule along with the venue of the celebrations. You could also mention the expected number of guests from each household.

 Jewellery; makeup and dresses You should also count in the jewellery, Makeup and dresses required for each ceremony. It is not necessary to mention, you would need a makeup artist to help you in getting ready. Planning should be made for arranging this in advance



If you want your guests to be present in all your functions well in advance, you might consider giving them accommodations. This should also be included in your planned budget. The lodging can be shared between the guests. You can either book a transport option for your guests, or choose a venue in the locality. You could also arrange a tour guide for your guests if you have planned a destination wedding


Indian wedding custom involves giving gifts to the bride, groom and their close relatives. If you are planning to follow this custom, you might as well include the cost of the gifts in your budget

 After all this still, you would go restless planning and rehearsing the main event.

You need to relax and give yourself some me-time

 All the arrangements can be done by an efficient wedding planner or an event management company better than individual arrangements. They work for providing the best event as you require.

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Your wedding is equally important to us. We fulfill your imagination into a picture-perfect wedding. The depiction of illustrations is to support the narration. All rights reserved with the original sources.

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