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The best bridal fashion trends for weddings in 2020

The bridal outfit is the most anticipated part while planning your wedding. Many designers launch their special wedding collections which depict their variation of the bridal outfit. You need a perfect bridal outfit that will be in coordination with your other arrangements. It should also compliment your better half. The theme of the venue should also go well with the bridal outfit. For example, if you are planning a full-fledged traditional wedding with the mandap, the pandal, etc you cannot design your bridal outfit as a silk white gown. Similarly, for a white wedding, a heavy embroidered saree will definitely look out of place. Many fashionistas work for months in advance to get their perfect bridal outfit designed.

If you are getting married soon, you would be sooner or later face this dilemma. It is better to stay up with the bridal trends so that your look doesn’t appear outdated. You can either buy your much anticipated bridal outfit from a boutique that specializes in bridal dresses. You can also get it custom made. If you have fashion knowledge, you can put it to use now. Go bold with your choices of colors. You can opt for different styles of fabrics. The accessories can also add a style statement to your bridal look. But this should be done well in advance. If prepared ahead of time, you can grab a lot of discounts. What more can you want for a perfect fashion bridal outfit!

To start now, you can follow these style mantras which are the best bridal fashion trends for weddings in 2020.

Printed Florals

You can ditch the regular pink and red wedding gowns. The bridal fashion trends suggest a floral printed fabric that accentuates your body creating a visual 3D effect. The combination of white silk fabric with pastels of floral patterns is in trend this wedding season. It can be paired with pants, a full-length skirt or even as a jacket over how. With this outfit, you are sure to rock your wedding.


Ball Gowns.

If you are looking for an attention-seeking bridal dress, you should opt for a ball gown. The smooth fabric that covers your body, was chosen by quite a few times in the last bridal fashion week. A ball gown will add volume to your curves. It works perfectly in all wedding styles. It is a perfect combination of the sober and sophisticated bridal look.


The frilled look will add up to your fairytale wedding. A full-length gown with frills is a classic all-time favorite bridal outfit. You can never go wrong with this. It is an evergreen bridal dress selection. A ruffled gown with no jewellery look will give a charismatic impression. 

Airy dress

If you are looking for a lightweight fashionable bridal outfit, you should explore and experiment with your look. An airy dress is an ideal support to party tunes. You can enjoy your wedding dancing with your spouse without fearing to slip. This outfit gives you a comfortable and bolder look.


A white suit with floral pants or white jumpsuits is the trending bridal outfit for a chic look. The outfit gives you a slender appearance. This reflects well in your pictures. A perfect representation of the change in ideologies in modern times reflects in this bridal outfit.

One-shoulder neckline

You can never go wrong with this all-time favorite one-shoulder gown. Frills of fabric combined with a one-shoulder neckline will give you a more bright look that will make it difficult for anyone to surpass your look. A perfect bridal gown if you think you can carry off this look.

Sparkles The very shimmery gown with glitter is back in trend. A beaded gown with shimmery will complete your bridal look. You can also choose a combination of metallic accessories with glitter and shimmer. It can be teamed up as a shimmering jacket on top of a white basic gown. An ideal outfit for a minimal decor wedding or a white wedding. 


Unusual look

A short dress is picked up often as the bridal trend for 2020. It gives you the comfort to enjoy your wedding without conscious glances. A comfortable outfit for the wedding season.

Saree A partner for your wedding trends that have successfully stayed for years. It can be perfectly draped to give you a stunning appearance. A saree can be accessorized with jewellery and a complimenting hairstyle. It gives you a more feminine look. The wedding arrangements will look glamorous with a bride in a saree



Though they may be an old school bridal idea, you can always analyze the trends and experiment with gharara. A heavy embroidered sharara with a simple dupatta has been a celeb bridal trend. You can also experiment with a floral blouse shimmering gharara. There can be many variations in this bridal outfit, every wedding season.



This is an all-time classic and loved outfit. Celebrities have always loved adorning lehengas for their weddings. It can be banded with a chunni. An excellent choice for a bridal in goddess look. This will recreate your fantasy of a perfect wedding.

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Time to put your imagination into reality. With nothing to worry about this wedding season, it’s time to Enjoy!!

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