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Tips to choose a perfect wedding venue

Ever wondered about your perfect wedding? The flowers flowing above your head, with a  fountain immersed in water, the world’s best delicacies being served, guests showing their love through gifts all in a perfect heavenly place. An interesting dream isn’t it? You can live this dream if you put some effort into finding a perfect venue. Choosing a perfect venue is of great importance and necessity. The whole set up of your wedding celebration depends on this vital selection.

Some venue is very simple and requires a lot of decors to increase its beauty. While there are a few which are naturally beautiful and don’t require artificial canopies to make it mesmerizing. An ideal venue should be large enough to sufficiently accommodate the guests. It should be a scenic beauty. A nature lover would want a venue that resembles nature, a miniature of natural art. An art lover would consider a venue that reflects the creativity and art forms. For an ordinary common man like us, we will go to a venue that suits his budget.  It is a very confusing thing to decide on a venue with lots of options trending in. We want you to sit back and relax. As we have prepared a detailed list of your confusion with a reasonable solution.

Here are a few tips to consider before choosing a venue.

  • Consult

Opinions do matter. Before finalizing a venue, you should seek advice from the experts. You would get a better idea of which venue to choose according to your dates. An expert can be a wedding planner. He will guide you about the possible types of the venue as per your budget. He will also explain to you the different types of venue available and which you should select as per your number of guests.

  • Explore

A venue should not just a location near to you. These days there are various lawns, artificial outdoor arrangements, banquets that can host your wedding. You can also host your wedding at a farmhouse. Explore and look for locations that can be crafted into a beautiful venue.

  • Scenic locations

Some people prefer exotic venues, which are natural works of art. This may include beaches, landscapes, river banks. A new city or a distant town can also have a lot of options. Islands can also be a great natural venue for your wedding.

  • Natural light

Artificial decoration can be done efficiently, but it cannot match the essence of natural visual beauty. A venue should also be sufficiently illuminated for great photos. A dull background may kill the look of your day. Naturally lit backgrounds are preferable.

  • Budget

A budget is an integral requisite. A venue should be in your budget. Even if you are looking for a destination wedding, you should revise your budget once and strike the right deal. You should not spend more than 20% of your total wedding budget. Other expenses are also important. If your venue is costing you extravagant, you will have to either take up a loan or cut out other important expenses.

  • Inclusive of all

A venue should provide you with some inclusions. It can be decor, or sound license or catering service or sometimes even a DJ. The venue can also have valet parking. Some venues also provide food and alcohol. This reduces the efforts to arrange such things additionally

  • Lodging

A venue should be at a convenient distance from the accommodation of your guests. It will create havoc if your guests will have to take up transport to reach the venue.

  • Surrounding

Though this is not necessary, you should also check the surrounding areas of your venue. The surroundings should also be decent. Your wedding venue near a dumping ground will suffocate your wedding.

  • Permissions

Before finalizing the venue, do check the permission for the DJ. If you are including alcohol in your menu, you should check if it is permissible to serve alcohol as per their policies. You should also check the permissions for sound and music. If it is near a low sound area, you should not reserve the venue. The patients, neighbors might get disturbed with the sound. You would definitely not like a fight on such a pious occasion.

  • Timings

Reserve your venue after confirming their timings and their flexibility. If you had to increase your ceremony by an hour or two, in cases of need, they should be flexible to approve that. A venue should also be open in the morning for your pre-wedding ceremonies.

  • Coordination

The choice of your venue should coordinate with your plans. The stage, accessories everything should go in sync with the venue. It should not look out of place. You cannot expect a chocolate fountain at a beach wedding. Or similarly, you cannot expect a pandal type dinner near the river banks. All your events should be as per the venue. Or in other words, your venue should be as per your events intended.

However, you should not stress too much about finalizing a venue. You can hire event planners. They will share your load and help you in hosting a fabulous ceremony.

Grand weddings are event organizers. They can totally change the look of a dull venue for your dream one. They commit to turning fantasies into reality.

They also provide all wedding requisite services like planning, decorations, food, dining, lodging, photography, etc.

Hire Grand Weddings, the low budget wedding planners in Hyderabad for an amazing experience that will stay alive in your memories for a longer time.

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